Educational process

Educational process with Emergo Train System® [ETS]

ETS consists of three components:

  • pre-hospital
  • inhospital
  • medical and/or ambulance coordination component


The pre-hospital component deals with the management of the incident, from the first situation report.


The hospital component is focused on dealing with the incident following the initial situation report within hospitals.

medical and/or ambulance coordination component

The ambulance coordination component deals with alerting, managing transport resources and the distribution of patients to correct facilities.

Emergo Train System [ETS] can be flexibly used depending on the learning outcomes of the participating group.

ETS allows exercises to include:

  • standard operating procedures and guidelines
  • triage methods
  • multi-agency pre-hospital cooperation
  • strategic and regional coordination
  • Inter-departmental hospital cooperation
  • prioritising decisions and action
  • dealing with the effects of the lack of time and resources
  • interaction and cooperation between management groups at different levels
  • fulfilling the individual role within the response chain
  • dealing with high-pressure and chaotic situations
  • dealing with hospital-related incidents such as power failure in the hospital