The Greek Faculty

Hellenic National Educational Faculty
Emergo Train System [ETS]

Greece obtains its own National Faculty of Emergo Train System [ETS] and it is currently, one of the pioneering countries working with ETS. Emergo Train System is the world’s most reliable simulation tool for addressing and managing medical disasters, and the best possible way to prepare for the worst.

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Hellenic Society of Emergency Prehospital Care [HSEPC] had the honour to be certified as one of the fifteen faculties worldwide, that can use the ETS and start an ambitious attempt to transform the training for Disaster Medicine Management in Greece.

HSEPC has incorporated the ETS seminar into its arsenal since 2016, in an effort to educate all potential responders in medical disasters, in both prehospital and inhospital setting.

The Hellenic faculty, after the successful completion of the 1st ETS Educator Course and the 1st ETS Senior Instructor Course in Greece [Thessaloniki 19-22.09.2019], is very pleased to announce that has been certified by the Centre for Teaching and Research in Disaster Medicine and Traumatology of the University of Linköping Sweden, as Emergo Train System [ETS] National Faculty Centre.

Undoubtedly, the establishment of the National ETS Faculty is the first necessary step to transform the way, our country deals with Multiple Casualties Incidents.
HSEPC is moving away from the isolated attempts and unprofessional efforts of the past and is heading to a systematic and targeted approach. This evidence based education requires intensive efforts, innovative interventions, organised initiatives and courageous collaborations.

By organising ETS seminars of all levels: [Emergogreece eLearning Course/ ETS Workshop/ ETS Basic Instructor Course/ ETS Senior Instructor Course/ ETS Educator Course] and aiming in targeted audiences, HSEPC with the careful design and implementation of realistic large-scale simulation exercises that involve all stakeholders, is striving to institute structured education for disaster medicine. This is the only way that will promote national strategies to manage medical disasters and defend the country against future catastrophes.

The ETS National Faculty (Emergogreece) can and should become, the catalyst for developments and lead the necessary national effort.

With this in mind, the members of the educational team of Emergogreece, throughout their research and the implementation of academic knowledge, have the ambition to be part of the creation of the first Greek National Dogma for Disaster Medicine Management.

A new era has begun, and the future is promising. We want all of you to be a part of this revolutionary project.