Workshop’s contemplators

Description of the procedure, the rules and conditions for the contemplators’ participation in Emergo Train System Workshop, conducted by the Emergogreece Training Centre of the Hellenic Society for Emergency Prehospital Care.


Emergogreece and the Hellenic Society of Emergency Prehospital Care [HSEPC] allow everyone with interest around the management of Disaster Medicine and Mass Casualty Incidents [MCIs] to attend the ETS Workshop training program, as a contemplator with no cost.

In every Workshop that will be organised, two [2] contemplator positions will be given to site members in order to experience the simulation exercises for Multiple Casualty Incidents and to be part of the effort, to change the management of disaster medicine in Greece.

Anyone with an interest in disasters management can opt-in as a contemplator.

What someone needs to do is το fill the contemplator registration here

Their name then enters automatically the potential contemplator’s list and for every Workshop, two lucky ones will be selected, after a draw.

Four [4] weeks prior to each programme is carried out, the potential contemplators will receive an email asking them to confirm their ability to participate in these dates.

The period of time they will have available for confirmation will be one [1] week. After this interval, the position will be made available to a runner up.

Contemplators will receive a participation letter without the ability to participate in the eLearning courses. They won’t have access on an official certificate or the continuing professional development credits.