Terms and conditions for participation

Terms and Conditions for participation in educational programs of the National Centre ETS [Emergogreece].

  1. In order to register, the participant must have made the payment of the relevant course at least five [5] working days prior the seminar’s starting date.
  2. If the payment has not been made in time, the available position will be made available to a runner up.
  3.  Emergogreece eLearning Course is available both as a stand alone course or as a prerequired part of all the available courses of the National Centre ETS [Emergogreece].
  4. If someone wishes to participate at one of the combined courses, they need to make the appropriate payment and fill in the confirmation form for that course. In this case, the cost for the EmergoGreece eLearning Course is included in the combined course’s cost.
  5. If the participant has successfully completed an EmergoGreece eLearning Course and is unable to participate in the hands on part of the combined course, they will given the right to participate in any future counterpart course for the next two [2] years.
  6. If the participant has confirmed his registration in the hands on part of a Workshop and they are unable to attend for any reason, they will be illegitimate for payment returning. In this case the participant will be given the right to participate in any future counterpart course [subject of availability] for the next two [2] years with 50% discount.

Payment instructions

  1. The participant has to made a payment on the account : GR73 0172 2300 0052 3008 9395 155 Peiraios Bank
  2. Τhe holder of the account is the Hellenic Society of Emergency Prehospital Care.
  3. The participant has to made a note on the payment with their name and the reason for the payment. e.g  G. Papadopoulos Workshop Athens.
  4. If the participant is eligible for discount as an HSEPC’s member they need to add to their note the word HSEPC. e.g  G. Papadopoulos Workshop Athens HSEPC

Useful instructions for a positive customer experience

  1. The participant must add the following email addresses as contacts on their email contact list:  info@emergogreece.grsecretariat@emergogreece.gr . In this way they will be certain that they receive all the important emails and necessary information according to their registration. Sometimes this kind of emails end up in the spam list. In order to add these addresses in their contact list, participants have to hover their cursor over the sender’s address and select [add to contact list].
  2. Participants during the eLearning course or the hands on part of the educational programs, must behave in a professional manner towards their peers and their instructors. Comments or acts that are not concordant with basic rules of ethical conduct, will have as result the immediate expulsion of the program.