Basic Instructor Course

Basic Instructor’s certification for educational programs that use the Emergo Train System® [ETS]

Course description

The Basic Instructor Course [BIC] is the first stage of training, for anyone wishing to become a member of the Emergogreece training team.

The BIC are intended to provide Basic Instructors [BI] candidates with the theoretical background of the pedagogical process, that lies behind every workshop’s design and implementation.

After their certification, BIs will be able to handle the Emergo Train System [ETS] from the role of the instructor, and in collaboration with a Senior Instructor [SI] to design and implement simulated Medical Disasters and Mass Casualty Incident [MSI] exercises – workshops.

Number of participants

Eighteen [18] at the Emergogreece eLearning Course [iWoC] and twelve [12] at the Basic Instructor Course [BIC].

The trainees, can participate in the distance learning [iWoW] alone, without registering in the clinical course [BIC]. In this case, they will given the right to participate in a future course with precedence, in a period of two [2] years.


Sixty euros [60]  for the theoretical part [iWoC] and one hundred euros [100] for the hands on part [BIC]. Successful completion of eLearning is prerequisite for the participation at the hands on part. [10% discount for HSPC’s members]

Participation restrictions

The program is addressed to anyone who wishes to get involved in the design and implementation of workshop’s educational process.

The potential instructors must be a clinicians and they have to be referred by a Senior Instructor of Emergogreece’ s team.

Non-clinical practitioners that have experience in disaster management and they have attended at least one Workshop Course [WoC] with excellent performance, can be certified as BI, too.

Emergogreece educational team already has 110 certified BIs, including:

  • Volunteers
  • Police officers
  • Firefighters
  • Paramedics
  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Civil protection personnel
  • Executives of organizations and bodies
eLearning platform

HSEPC Learning Management Platform [LMP]

Duration of eLearning training

Course duration is two [2] weeks/ Approximately sixteen [16] educational hours are needed for successful completion.

Hands on training

Three [3] days course/ Twenty [20] educational hours in total.


Certification is provided by Hellenic Society of Emergency Prehospital Care  [HSEPC].

Thirteen [13] Credits for Professional Development [CPD] are accredited by Panhellenic Medical Association for all the trainers and the trainees.

The certification is a prerequisite for everyone who wish to participate at a Senior Instructor Course [SIC] in Greece or intentionally.

Duration of certification

In order to preserve their educational status the BIs must participate at two [2] WoC and successfully complete a free eLearning course for Instructors every calendar year.

Taught skills

Potential BIs should have excellent knowledge of the theoretical scope of Medical Disasters and MCIs management, and be effective and efficient trainers as well.

The aim of the training program is to provide these theoretical and practical skills to the potential members of Emergogreece’s faculty team.

Course structure

First part: Two [2] weeks/ Twelve [12] hours of theoretical knowledge through the Emergogreece eLearning Course [iWoC] and additional BIC eLearning modules 

Educational modules:

      • Management of Medical Disasters and Mass Casualty Incidents [MCI]
      • Description of doctrine CSCAT3
      • Command
      • Communication
      • Safety
      • Triage
      • Treatment & Transportation
      • Managing Medical Disasters and MCIs in the Hospital
      • History of ETS
      • ETS as a pedagogical concept
      • ETS Prehospital usage
      • ETS Inhospital usage
      • ETS strategical usage
      • Efficient teaching skills for health care professionals
      • Managing  behaviours during educational courses
      • Structure and functionality of the HSEPC’s Learning Management Platform [LMP]

Second part: Three [3] days / Twenty [20] hours of hands on training through Basic Instructor Course [BIC] and participation at a WoC as potential BI.

1st day: Four [4] hours. Educational modules:

      • Pedagogical background of the Emergo Train System [ETS]
      • Design and implementation of a successful WoC
      • Policies and rules for Emergogreece Educational Programs

2nd day: Eight [8] hours. 

      • The trainees will participate in a 1st day of a WoC with the role of potential BI, next to an experienced BI and under the guidance of a Senior Instructor.

3d day: Eight [8] hours.

      • The trainees will participate in a 2nd day of a WoC with the role of potential BI, next to an experienced BI and under the guidance of a Senior Instructor.